Dynamic Search Ads

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Here is some useful informatio0n about Dynamic Search ads, just one of the methods used in professional AdWords management.

Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) utilise Google’s own organic web crawling technology to target relevant and appropriate search queries based on the content of your website.

DSAs are often beneficial for retailer ad campaigns because:

  1. They contribute to a smooth campaign workflow that allows advertisers to target their adverts to many different queries.
  2. They help to plug any openings in keyword campaigns by utilising incremental traffic to deliver a better return on investment (ROI).

Four Reasons to Use DSAs

  • DSAs can boost efficiency

By pulling relevant data from Google’s organic search index, DSAs reduce the time investment required to build keyword lists, create bids and write ad text. You will also have access to performance reports and the keywords and phrases searchers used when they clicked on your advert.

  • Advert updates are automatic

As Google automatically crawls updated pages, only the most recent version will be used by DSAs.

  • Headlines are dynamically generated

When a user conducts a search that an advert is relevant for, the headline will be dynamically generated and include words from both the search phrase and the advert landing page. It will also be marginally longer than standard advert headlines, which will provide additional information and boost your overall visibility.

  • Maintain full control of your campaign

You can choose to base your adverts on your website as a whole or identify particular pages and/or categories. As well as maintaining control of your targets, templates, budget and bids, you can also utilise negative keywords to avoid displaying adverts on out-of-stock products and searches that don’t convert to sales.

Although the benefits of Dynamic Search Ads are clear, there are a few questions you should ask your PPC agency in Cheshire before determining whether DSAs are the most suitable choice for your business.

Do you have a robust, content-rich website?

As DSAs are largely based on the content of your website, it is crucial that everything from your keywords to your landing page copy is informative, relevant and engaging.

Providing your visitors with the depth and breadth of information they need to decide whether a product or service is right for their specific needs is imperative, but it is also important to note that if your website utilises a lot of images in place of copy to tell your story.

DSAs might not be quite right for your business.

Is the information on your website accurate and up to date?

It’s one thing to have a content-rich website, but it’s another thing entirely to have a content-rich website filled with valuable, relevant and accurate information.

It is important that every piece of content on your site is wholly reflective of your brand to avoid misleading your audience in your DSA campaigns.

  1. Does your website reflect your brand and current inventory?
  2. Are your prices, promotions and shipping information up to date?
  3. If something is out of stock, does your website make this clear?

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