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It’s no secret that AI technology is transforming the way in which many of us approach our working lives. In fact, it’s already increasing automation, delivering more effective and efficient solutions, and streamlining processes to improve productivity and cut costs.

In response to this rapid uptake, there have been countless headlines highlighting the potential pitfalls of AI technology, however, there are also numerous ways in which it can benefit our working lives, particularly in the world of content marketing.

But let’s start at the beginning…

What Exactly is AI Content Planning?

Every brand needs a comprehensive content strategy, and AI content planning leverages AI technology to research, plan, develop and optimise online content in order to drive optimal levels of engagement and nurture conversions.

AI can be used in a variety of different ways to understand your target audience in greater detail, keep on top of marketplace trends, and identify content topics in which your ideal audience is interested.

The information gleaned by AI technology can then be used by you and your digital marketing agency in Wilmslow or elsewhere to provide your audience with information and answers to their most pressing questions at precisely the right times in their customer journey.

Additionally, AI can also be used to optimise existing content and help you to increase time on page, maximise engagement, and minimise your bounce rate.

The Primary Benefits of Incorporating AI into Content Marketing Processes

While the prospect of incorporating another new technology into your content marketing process may sound overwhelming, the benefits it can offer you and your business are impossible to overlook. From time efficiencies to data processing, the incorporation of AI technology can rapidly deliver a transformative effect in the workplace.

– Increased Team Productivity

AI technology can easily be used to automate many of the more mundane tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis, such as optimising content for search engines, scheduling the posting of online content, and monitoring important analytics data points.

When these tasks are handled automatically by AI, content marketing professionals have more time to invest in some of the more complex tasks that require more time, concentration, and attention to detail.

– Improved Search Rankings

Search engine algorithms take a wide range of factors into account when organising results pages. By using AI technology to optimise your content, you will find it easier to increase your search visibility and drive more traffic from SERPs.

– Enhanced Targeting

One of the keys to effective content marketing is accurate targeting. After all, if your messaging isn’t being seen by your intended audience, you aren’t going to be in a place to maximise conversions or nurture a loyal customer base.

AI technology can analyse vast quantities of information and use key datasets such as purchasing history and demographics information to ensure that individuals are presented with messaging that will nurture leads and conversions.

– Increased Personalisation

We are living in a time when consumers are actively seeking out brands and businesses that can deliver personalised experiences. AI technology can be used to deliver personalised content to individuals based upon a number of key signals, such as past brand interactions and personal interests.

By taking this approach, brands have more opportunities to connect with their customers at a deeper level and create memorable experiences that are more engaging and persuasive.

– Insight Automation

It is impossible to deliver a powerful content marketing strategy without measuring a selection of key insights in real-time. AI can handle this time-consuming task with ease, which will provide you with the valuable information you need to make the right strategic decisions at precisely the right times.

– Maximised Budget

By automating key tasks, you will instantly free up a significant percentage of your overall marketing budget without compromising the high-quality outcomes you need to design, nurture and deliver a powerful strategy. This will free up funds that can subsequently be channelled into other elements of your strategy, allowing your team to leverage their expertise in ways that will help you to outperform your competitors.

How To Use AI in Your Content Marketing Strategy

So, we’ve looked at some of the benefits that AI technology can offer, but how exactly might you choose to incorporate the power of AI into your content strategy?

While AI isn’t going to replace content creators or copywriters anytime soon, it is impossible to overlook the fact that it can, and already does, help businesses across every sector on a global level forge new connections with their ideal audience. As such, every experienced digital marketing agency in Wilmslow or other locations will tell you that AI is an extremely versatile technology that can be used in various ways to enhance your approach to content marketing and scheduling. So, here are just a few ways you could choose to use this innovative technology to your advantage.

– Content Research

It isn’t always easy to ensure that your content calendar is consistently populated with ideas for posts that will engage your target audience. AI technology can be used to analyse social and search trends, helping you to identify the most relevant topics that your audience will respond well to.

Simply providing AI with an overview of your buyer personas and their expectations can provide you with a number of different potential topics in a matter of seconds. You and your team can then look through these ideas to select those that will fit well into your content calendar and elicit the best responses from your audience.

– Content Optimisation

AI can efficiently research everything from metadata to keywords, which will help you to ensure that your content is appropriately optimised for search visibility and readability.

AI can also be used to create meta descriptions, headlines and titles, however, it is important to ensure that any AI generated content is adjusted to suit your unique brand voice in order to avoid the risk of confusing your audience.

Your processes can be further streamlined by using AI to analyse the performance data associated with your content and identify key insights that can be used to further optimise your content and drive even better outcomes.

– Content Creation

As we touched upon above, it is possible to use AI technology in the content creation process. Many brands are already using AI to generate headlines, content outlines, and even entire blog posts or articles, with advanced AI using machine learning to deliver complete posts in just a few minutes.

There are some significant issues that could occur if you do choose to use AI to create your content in its entirety, which is why we strongly advise against simply copying, pasting and posting AI generated content without editing it for tone, clarity and accuracy. Remember, AI cannot accurately mimic your brand’s tone of voice, so you and your team will need to retain a hands-on approach to content creation, at least for the time being.

– A/B Testing

Everything from the headlines and titles you choose to use to the overall structure of a piece of content can impact how it is viewed by your audience, so it is important to ensure that every element has been perfectly tailored to the needs and expectations of your target audience.

AI can help you to efficiently identify elements to A/B test and support you with the subsequent analysis in order to discover valuable insights that you can then apply to your wider content strategy.

– Content Scheduling and Publishing

It’s one thing to have a great piece of content, but it’s another thing entirely to ensure that it is published at a time that will allow it to gain the most traction and drive the most clicks. There is a lot of content out there, with brands and businesses all vying for the attention of their target audience. So, anything you can do to set yourself apart from the crowd can make all the difference to the overall success of your strategy.

AI can be used to analyse engagement across each of your distribution channels in order to help you to identify the best days of the week to share your content. It can also be used to determine the best time of day to post, which will provide you with ideal opportunities to connect with your ideal audience at precisely the right times.

Looking for a Digital Marketing Agency in Cheshire?

Even with support from increasingly intelligent AI technology, there are numerous facets to every great content marketing strategy, which is why so many successful businesses choose to obtain help and support from a leading digital marketing agency in Cheshire.

If this is a route you want to explore, it is essential to choose a marketing agency partner with the skills and experience to elevate your content marketing strategy in ways that will help you to connect with your ideal audience, nurture relationships, and increase your conversions.

It is vital that your chosen digital agency understands how to leverage AI technology to strengthen your content marketing strategy. New tactics and strategies are emerging on a weekly basis and technology can be used creatively and strategically in order to out-perform even your fiercest competitors in the busiest marketplaces.

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to determine whether an agency is the right partner for you.