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Google Ads (AdWords) or Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC) deliver consistent and sustainable results.


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AdWords & PPC are one of the lowest risk digital strategies in the world.
Highly targeted, it comes with rigorous checks and balances.
With respect to AdWords specifically, the management of bidding campaigns is complex.

Effective AdWords and PPC Management requires two key skills:
1. Detailed knowledge of the best mechanics, tools & platforms to use to achieve your exact goals.
2. True understanding of how to strike the perfect balance between traffic, conversions, bidding levels and budget.

Paid Media typically refers to the paid listings of Google AdWords and PPC  that appear on search engine listings pages or other areas of the web.

Paid media needs to be planned precisely and be highly targeted for maximum ROI. It can create near immediate results, including increased revenue growth and conversions, as well as helping establish general brand awareness and increased traffic to your website.

Our specialists will help you form a detailed strategy of various segments, audience types and layer them specifically, to achieve your objectives.

To consistently achieve a robust return on investment & greater market penetration, a PPC specialist is your route to securing the greatest ROAS your company can achieve.

We’ve held Google partner and premier status, for over a decade. We’re also Bing accredited, giving us reach into the Yahoo network.

DSM don’t just ‘manage’ your PPC campaigns, we optimise them.

That’s the difference. Our specialists will monitor, optimise, refine and analyse data routinely, ensuring we don’t miss any key information or patterns, relevant to your target audience’s online shopping behaviour.

We provide a rigorous & detailed account of the work that we execute, including a hand-written monthly reports for every single campaign we run & optimise on your behalf. Our reports will contain all the key data to show performance, trends, analysis and learnings for upcoming months, constantly refining and evolving your KPI’s.

We charge on a time and materials basis NOT by a percentage of spend. This enables us to say, confidently, we always aim to achieve a return on ad spend (ROAS) that out-performs the rest of the market.

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Digital State manage product feeds on behalf of our client’s. Our aim is to consistently list your products in the most cost efficient and prominent way.

It’s all about getting the integrity of your feed & website exactly right, with exactly the right bid.

These factors determine where and when your ads are triggered. We want nothing less than to hit your exact target audience and convert them at the best possible rate.

Re-targeting is (simply put) advertising to users who have already visited your website.

It’s a credible means of encouraging already ‘warm prospects’ to re-engage with your brand or website again. Although conversion rates can be lower than with standard PPC (for obvious reasons), there’s still much value to be derived from re-targeting.

Display advertising refers to advertising on any digital platform, typically charged on a Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Thousand (CPT) basis.

Although the emphasis is on targeting your key audience groups, the focus is on putting your brand in front of an audience, to help increase general awareness of your brand and brand messages.

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Don’t just take it from us

“Digital State increased our Return on Ad spend (ROAS) from 4 X  to 11x  over a 9 month period, delighted.
I used a very large agency before and felt like I was helping to train their PPC Account Manager –  never again. Digital State all the way”

Men's fashion retailer, Designerwear - £26 Million T/O.

Digital State achieved a 52.02% drop in the cost per acquisition (CPA)  in the first quarter and increased sales for the same overall spend.

The agency fee was covered and profit achieved on top,  in just  the first 12 weeks. We have been running PPC for 12 years and are seriously impressed with Digital State results.

B2B office supplier, £3 Million sales

“We achieved the same sales for £20,000 a month LESS  within 10 months of working with Digital State.

Digital State will have made us an extra £1M in 4 years, minimum”.

MyNextMatress, Home furnishings company - 11 branches.

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Is your data maximising profitability? 

Speak to our Email specialists and check your campaign performance.

Retaining clients is always cheaper than constantly acquiring new ones.

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Does your website give you the edge over your competition? 

Ensure you are positioned as the authority in your sector and use all the very latest SEO techniques, guaranteed to put you ahead of the competition.

Read more about our market-leading SEO services here.

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Understand how and why your competitors are increasing market share?

If you have a rigorous reporting framework in place that provides actionable insight and analytics on not just your own site but that of your competitors too, competitive advantage will be yours.

If you want to understand how our tried & tested framework can help your business or you’d like a free audit of your current set-up, read more about our reporting & analysis services today.

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