Google-Core-Update Digital State

Google rolled out a core update in March 2024 aimed at improving search results by removing low-quality content. This included a crackdown on websites using AI-generated content to manipulate search rankings. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Google’s Goal: Reduce unhelpful, unoriginal content and prioritize high-quality, human-generated content.
  • Impact on Websites: Websites with low-quality content, especially those relying on AI-generated spam, got hit hard. Some even got deindexed, meaning they disappeared from search results altogether. This resulted in lost traffic and revenue for those website owners.
  • Not Just About AI: It’s important to note that Google wasn’t targeting AI content specifically. Their focus was on removing any unhelpful content, whether written by AI or humans.

Overall, the update is a wake-up call for website owners to focus on creating high-quality, original content that provides value to users.

SEO is an ever more vital part of your marketing mix and simply outsourcing it to a country you’ve only just heard of rarely stands the test of time, invest in your own success, not Google’s share price, and contact us for a free initial discussion.

Time and again we see the same pattern from Google and the truth of it is that they are correct to make these updates AND THEY ARE FOR THE GREATER GOOD.

Focus always on the user and the user experience not writing fast AI driven copy that adds nothing to the user but that you may think will help your rank on Google, it won’t. If you think that Google are giving you free enterprise quality analytics software to feed that information back to them and then ignoring that data, they are not. If you’re writing nonsense, that no one’s reading, they will know.

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