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SEO link Building

Implementing solid link-building strategies is an essential component of every successful approach to search engine optimisation (SEO).

Google only wants to direct its users towards high-quality websites containing relevant and valuable information pertaining to the searchers’ original query.

Therefore securing high-quality inbound links to your website from respected and authoritative websites within your niche is an effective way to inform Google that your website does that really well.

The Importance of Link Audits

Conducting a thorough audit is an excellent way to evaluate the current condition of your link profile.

Review Link Practices

Avoiding shady link-building practices is crucial to avoid jeopardising the integrity of your website, but if you know that your approach has been somewhat problematic in the past, now is the ideal time to begin casting a more critical eye over your techniques and holding your business to much higher standards.

The fact is that even link profiles that have been built using only 100% above-board practices will likely have some “bad” links that need to be addressed. SEO link Building is a delicate affair.

If, however, you know that you have paid for articles from questionable sources or submitted your website to hundreds of directories, you should expect to spend some time rectifying those past errors.

Learn from Google Manual Actions

If you have received a manual action from Google which included some examples of the types of link behaviour you should avoid, it is important to consistently utilise this information as you critique your link profile.

Determining Link Value with the Assistance of a Google Premier Partner in Cheshire who will make the most of your SEO link BuildingĀ .

As low-quality or “bad” links tend to fall into one of six groups, it is worth keeping the following information in mind when assessing your link profile.

Paid advertising/press releases

You will likely find that these will have already been addressed, but you might want to disavow them if you have experienced a manual action or loss of traffic.

Article spinning

Disavowing links from article spinning usually won’t be enough: you should seek to remove them completely at the source.


One of the trickiest link sources to evaluate, it will often be worth seeking personalised professional advice to ensure you take the correct course of action.


Aside from genuinely valuable directories such as a chamber of commerce listing or a local listing on something like the Yellow Pages, disavowing these largely useless links is usually advised.

Paid bloggers

Not all paid links from bloggers are inherently “bad”. In fact, a lot of the time they will provide significant value, especially if they are well respected within their niche.

Blogs that appear to have been set up solely to post a few paid links before being abandoned, however, should be carefully addressed.

Natural links

Occasionally otherwise completely natural-looking links are in fact cleverly concealed “bad” links which are most likely to result in you receiving a manual action.

As a Google Premier Partner in Cheshire, we encourage our clients to consider every aspect of their online presence to ensure their paid advertising efforts can deliver the best possible return on investment (ROI).