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Digital State Consulting discuss being a Google Premier Partner in Cheshire.

There are a multitude of benefits to be gained from considering paid and natural search performance underneath one universal umbrella.

Search engine results pages (SERPs) appear to the average searcher as a list of opportunities. Searchers will evaluate the value of visiting both paid and natural listings and, as such, striving for a comprehensive search strategy with a joint focus on paid and organic optimisation will deliver increasingly meaningful results for your business.

Paid and Organic Searches Don’t Have to Be an Either-Or Decision

The differences between paid and organic search channels could be compared and contrasted until the end of time. There will, of course, be times when one channel is likely to yield more positive results and, in those cases, it is the responsibility of your Google Premier Partner in Cheshire to advise appropriately.

Often, however, a comparison-focused mode of thinking leads to a needless prioritisation of one channel over the other when, in fact, a deft combination of the two would be most beneficial.

In cases when user intent is uncertain, having both paid and organic visibility is desirable. Natural search visibility best supports users when they are in the information-gathering phase of their search process.

Pursuing a complementary paid search visibility strategy will be beneficial because it will actively target searchers conducting the same search queries but who are ready to make a decision or complete a transaction.

Complementary paid and organic search coverage can help you to reach different audiences and successfully reach individuals within a singular audience who are in radically different phases of the search process.

Considering the Complete SERP Landscape

Although comparing the results from paid and natural search efforts can be helpful, it is important to do so within established contextual boundaries to ensure valuable information isn’t unintentionally misinterpreted or overlooked.

There is a range of exterior forces that might impact search performance, including a disconnect between the expectations a user acquires from the results page and their landing page experience. This isn’t anything to do with organic versus paid advertising and instead illuminates an oversight in messaging that should be addressed before conducting additional analysis.

Conducting Device Analysis

As mobile traffic continues to increase, conducting organic and paid analysis by device is likely to yield some interesting data. Despite the continuing popularity of mobile browsing, on-site engagement often isn’t as high as on a tablet or desktop. As mobile search adverts come at a relatively higher short-term cost, you might decide that SEO should take the lead here.

Although maintaining a desktop-focused approach to your analysis would have been adequate just a short time ago, as we find ourselves on the brink of mobile-first search, broadening your analysis will be highly informative in both the short and long term.

As a Google Premier Partner in Cheshire, we work with our clients to ensure paid and organic search opportunities are utilised to the full advantage of their business.

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