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A cluttered Google AdWords account isn’t a productive work environment. Refreshing your account doesn’t have to be complicated, and we have put together steps that will introduce some clarity back into your AdWords workflow. To speak to us about a comprehensive AdWords (Pay per click / PPC) Audit, fill in the form below.

Reviewing Low Search Volume Keywords

Although Google will automatically mark low search volume (LSV) keywords until volumes begin to increase, they can sit dormant in your AdWords account for years, taking up space and hampering efficient filtering and crucial optimisation decisions.

An LSV Actionable Checklist:

Filter LSV keywords.
Review the previous 18 months to ensure you aren’t just omitting seasonal LSV keywords.
Identify terms with zero or low impressions and pause those which aren’t delivering results.

Examining Low Impression Keywords

The next step to a successful keyword clean-up is to tackle those with little or zero impression volume. While it may be tempting to hold on to these keywords in the hope that they will suddenly experience a huge surge in convertible traffic, every respected Google AdWords agency in Cheshire will tell you that if it hasn’t happened yet it’s unlikely to in the future.

Before eliminating low impression keywords altogether, ensuring you aren’t over-excluding is crucial. Remember that an account refresh should improve your strategy, not impede it.

A Low Impression Actionable Checklist:

• Investigate whether there are any live ads. If yes, are your keyword bids too low? Would higher bids result in an increase in impressions?
• Next, filter all keywords that have achieved fewer than 50 impressions in the last 18 months
• Pause every low impression keyword that isn’t performing well

Evaluating Ad Groups with No Impressions

Ad Groups with zero impressions are just taking up valuable space within your account. Before taking any further steps, however, it is important to ask yourself several key questions.

1. Is this ad group a new account addition that needs time to grow?
2. Has this ad group been paused because of a lack of targeting?
3. If there aren’t any ads running in this group, should there be?

An Ad Group Actionable Checklist:

• Using the same 18-month time frame, filter your ad groups and ensure that no core groups have been paused accidentally.

Reviewing Low Volume, High Work Campaigns

When evaluating your campaigns, it is important to think strategically before making any decisions. Although requiring both time and attention, this is one of the steps that should make managing your account much easier.

The first thing to determine is whether you have any low volume campaigns that can be efficiently merged into other campaigns. Doing so can result in improved campaign structures, which will produce better results in both the short and the long term.

A Low Volume, High Work Checklist:

• Evaluate each campaign to determine whether there are any which, when combined, are generating less than 10 per cent of your overall traffic.
• Contemplate how much of this traffic can be kept through effective campaign merging and smart strategic decisions.

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