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Augmented Reality (AR).

From the Minority Report to Google Glass, Augmented Reality is paving the way for a new form of Search.

We have conducted extensive research and have interviewed some leading App developers including Andy Gstoll, CMO at Wikitude and Chetan Damani, Co-founder of Acrossair to investigate the future of Augmented Reality as a pioneering Search Format.

Search is changing. Mobile search is expected to outrun desktop search by 2015. AR browsers are expected to greatly improve and expand in consumer usage as companies including Google and Bing show great interest in the technology as a form of Search.

This provides businesses with a new opportunity to engage with perspective clients via AR Browsers as Smartphones become increasingly powerful.

Consumers are increasingly using their mobiles to locate local businesses, CMO at Wikitude Andy Gstoll explained that AR Browsers are ‘eliminating the hurdle of abstraction…you see the results right on the real world yourself’.

This was echoed by Sergy Brin who outlined that the use of the Smartphone was ‘unnatural’ and that Glass would allow users to spend less time looking at a ‘featureless glass device’.

‘Augmented Reality Search – Integrating Search into Everyday life’ delves into the history of Augmented Reality, analyses the rise in Local Search as the backbone for AR and investigates how companies can successfully optimise for the Augmented revolution.

While the market is relatively new, a range of high profile app releases and hardware will pave the way for an integrated search experience.

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