Matt Cutts answering the question of what sort of processing power goes into a Google bot and the effect on search engine spiders.

Matt Cutts was a driving force for Global Search Engine Optimisation best practice as the head of Googles Anti Spam Tea. Many of the key and indeed core google updates were during his tenure such as the caffeine update, the panda Update and the Penguin Update.  For more Search Engine Optimisation News please see our services Page.  His message was always pretty clear in my opinion.

To make search engine content for the user not for the search engines. If you conduct your SEO activities with the user in mind and only the user in mind pretty much everything else (assuming Technical SEO compliance) will take care of itself.

Threes no real way to fool Google or Bing long term so why try? Just follow digital marketing best practice and write good content thats interesting to the reader and that adds wider value via a positive link building community, to the web itself.

Googles mission is both mind blowing and very simple. To organise the worlds information, help it do so and stay on the right side of Googles algorithm updates.



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