LPO Case Study…

Liverpool Philharmonic LPO

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO) is a highly prestigious music organisation based in Liverpool with a turnover in excess of £10m. LPO manages a professional symphony orchestra, a concert venue, and extensive programmes of events through the year. Sales are driven via digital platforms.

Its orchestra is the UK’s oldest continuing professional symphony orchestra. In addition to the orchestra, the organisation administers the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir, the Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Company and other choirs and ensembles.

Digital State Consulting provide extensive digital marketing services to LPO including full paid media strategy and Google Analytics including Google Tag manager.

The Project…

LPO initially had a complex set of requirements and an extensive list of needs following the lifting of lock down and the reopening of in person events. They had a broad spec for a senior marketing manager to come in as a direct employee and a list of requirements with respect to social media, video production and other digital silos.

The board of Directors knew that they really needed to invest in digital but were fairly new to the process and it’s fair to say, conservative. LPO explained to us that their current strategy simply wasn’t working and they needed some expert consultancy.

The Challenge…

During the LPO Case Study, LPO explained that they had advertised extensively for the vacant role without success. The Job Description was expansive and covered many areas of digital marketing, in fact, almost the full array. The season was about to start and more than £5 Million in sales needed to be achieved.

The spec covered many areas of the digital marketing landscape including but not limited to, AdWords, content production, social media management, analytics, GTM, video production & general marketing. The legitimate need for content production for social media and web content for example doesn’t always chime with someone having PPC (AdWords) and Google tag manager skills but all of those areas needed to be addressed.

We also needed someone with a passion for the arts ideally, willing to be involved out of hours due to the nature and timing of the events. Budgets were also a consideration.

The Outcome…

Our advice was to assess which skills and desires already lay within the existing team and make a solid set of priorities. It became clear that the unicorn did not exist, so we formulated a plan for Digital State to manage the Google Tag Manager, Analytics work and the Google Ads campaigns.

We now run those campaigns. The spec was realigned and recruitment continued.

The social media, video & web content element is now delivered in house by a direct staff member and the various elements run side by side very well.

Our relationship with the client continues to grow and they are a true pleasure to work with.

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