BSI is a UK based fashion retailer and wholesaler with the exclusive rights to Stanley workwear and Bench clothing in the UK and several B2C retail sites built in Visualsoft technology and Aero. BSI’s turnover is in excess of 25 million pounds.

The Project

At the beginning of the project, BSI had a legacy Google analytics configuration. The company was reliant in part upon data being provided to it by the Visualsoft system. As Visualsoft charges a “shared success” commission and takes a slice of the remarketing sales, it clearly gave a need for solid analytics data being provided to the client. There have been several challenges, all of which have been met. Those were not limited to, but included:

  • Developing robust E-Commerce Analytics reporting and goal setting.
  • Implementing Google Tag Manager.
  • Maximising ROAS (return on Ad Spend) from Google AdWords, this was implemented largely manually with up to 500 (20,000 in total) changes a month to the campaign, constant monitoring and refinement.
  • SEO implementation via the client giving us log ins to the system and being approved as users of the Visualsoft technology.
  • SEO implementation via raising work tickets and submitting and the monitoring the execution of those tickets via the Visualsoft system.

Ad spend and Revenue Apr – Dec 2017 v Apr – Dec 2016

In the first nine months of management, compared to the same time period the previous year, we increased revenue by 81.88% from £277,519 to £504,745. This was achieved with a 62.03% increase in ad spend. The return on ad spend improved from 8.18x to 9.18x

Ad Spend and Revenue 2019 v 2018

During 2018 we improved the return on ad spend to 8.78x In 2019 the client’s requirements moved towards a desire for more sales volume and we gradually adjusted the ad account to achieve this objective.