Applied with skill and intelligence, SEO link baiting is a powerful and sustainable ‘off page’ SEO strategy, contributing to high search engine positioning across your keywords and keyword phrases. Link baiting is a great way to build your online profile.

What is Link Baiting?

Simple as it sounds, link baiting is essentially online content that includes links to your website or landing page.

Link baiting can come in many forms, news articles, online press releases, blogs, posts on social media sites, Twitter, Digg,, primarily shared and distributed with the single intention of developing links from as many different sources as possible.

In general, the better the quality of content you have on offer, the more web site owners will want it, and the wider your content (complete with embedded links) will be distributed across the Internet.

Reach is the foremost reason for developing high quality content, closely followed by credibility. If your work is clearly of a high standard, not only will it generate more inbound links and visitors, it also reflects positively on your web site and your organisation.

Many news articles, press releases and blog posts can exist online for years so be sure to write them professionally, with care and quality. Don’t let poor work compromise your reputation.

The Benefits of Link Baiting

If your links are embedded in well-written, engaging and compelling copy, you will enjoy both direct benefits in the form of additional traffic but also the indirect benefits of better search placements.

In their endless pursuit of relevance, Google and the other major search engines are placing an increasing value on inbound links. In their eyes, the more inbound links your site commands, the more worth it must have, especially if those links come from popular sites.

More authority means higher Google search positioning. Make it easy for them.

Become an authoritative blog contributor, an industry leader, share the rare, be controversial, be contrary, instruct, inform, outrage. Do what you have to do to get above the noise, to have your link embedded content reach and inspire as many people as possible.

Most of all though, do it with quality.