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“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

SEO gets your website listed as frequently & as prominently as possible in the natural search results.



We’ve been helping clients achieve top search rankings for over a decade. Even in areas considered to be so competitive, they are notoriously tough to crack, we still achieve results that impress.
It’s why we’ve developed such a strong reputation for excellent & intelligent SEO in today’s aggressive markets.
We adhere to the fundamental principle of SEO: Establish relevant domain authority.
Our objective is to display the same characteristics that Google set out as key components of good search marketing: Be an Expert, be Authoritative & gain Trust.

SEO is the practice of ranking a site as frequently and prominently in the world’s major search engines as possible. It’s widely accepted that a site will receive multiple benefits from high organic ranking positions:

  • Reputation as an established & highly reputable business.
  • Significantly higher brand position and therefore ‘convertibility’ of web traffic and visitors.
  • As it’s difficult to attain great SEO, once it is secured, it drives huge tactical and long-term advantages.

If you don’t engage with SEO best practices, you pass commercial advantage to your competitors. If you don’t appear in the natural listings, you will be missing out on a huge natural traffic source.

Today, Google incorporates over 200 individual variables in its calculation of a site’s ranking position for each search. In essence, it boils down to one key principle: Authority.

Expert, authoritative and trustworthy are words that describe the ideal SEO campaign but also our approach to your SEO strategy. 

Your site itself needs to be technically compliant: all on-page elements maximised, crawlability perfect, tagging on every page, strong site structure, mark up and other factors all checked and accounted for.

These sort of technical opportunities can garner huge opportunities for your business.

However, they are regularly missed by digital agencies that instead put the sole focus upon off page factors, such as press releases and content (nothing against PR & content of course!). If the on-page elements of the site are poor or even missing entirely, you business will be missing more than a trick.

We’ve worked with many types of sites over the last ten years. Unless your site is built in spaghetti and your developer is nowhere to be found there’s a good chance, we can work with it.

Contact us to discuss the next steps.

Link building is still a key part of a coherent SEO strategy. As far as we can see, it will remain this way too.

By targeting a variety of  links, to a variety of appropriate connectors such as; guest blogs, directories, banner advertising, link baiting and outreach development form part of a strategy to develop the ideal link profile.

We have never, and never will, publish or make available links lists. Nor are we links brokers. Link building projects are fully reported to the client by ‘authority’ and ‘volume secured’ alongside a budget breakdown.

Speak to us about long term link building strategies and understand why they will help your SEO.

In recent years (and particularly since the implementation of the Penguin update to Google’s algorithm), there’s been a growing focus on the quality of a website’s inbound link profile.

Therefore, it is increasingly important for all websites to be in control of their historical link profile and, as such, we offer a thorough link cleansing service for those who feel they are suffering as a consequence of previous SEO work or of negative SEO.

This starts with a rigorous assessment of the entire inbound link profile where we collate all inbound links and analyse them individually with reference to a variety of factors to establish their algorithmic value.

Contact us to discuss getting a links audit booked in, today.

Content that has genuine use to your website visitors can help to improve and establish not only your website’s authority but customer experience and engagement. Competitor analysis should always form part of the strategy and ranking opportunities should be identified and targeted.

Content should be of long and short form, visual and written. Curated and created to ensure the perfect content mix. Some can be written to provide information to the search engines and to increase the weight of an online offering. Other content can be for human consumption and interaction.

Speak to us today about your content strategy and how we can ensure you have the holistic plan in place to satisfy both machine and human!

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Don’t just take it from us

Digital State provide international SEO for the 15,000 strong business’ objectives delivering across four operational territories: UK, France, Germany & Sweden.

The DSM & Uniper Service inclusion covers: SEO, corporate digital training and MI reporting in three languages.

UNIPER ENERGY SERVICES, Germany's largest energy provider ($83 Billion in sales)

“Digital State have increased Return on Ad spend (ROAS) from  4 X  to 11x  over a 9 month period, delighted.
I used a very large agency before and felt like I was helping to train the guy, never again. Digital State all the way”

Men's fashion retailer, Designerwear - £26 Million T/O.

A 52.02% drop in the cost per acquisition in the first quarter and increased sales for the same spend. The agency fee was covered and profit on top in the first 12 weeks. We have been running PPC for 12 years and are seriously impressed

B2B office supplier, £3 Million sales

We have achieved the same sales for £20,000 a month LESS  within 10 months. Digital State will have made us an extra £1M in 4 years, minimum.

MyNextMatress, Home furnishings company - 11 branches.

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Want to increase sales, reduce costs of sale and build brand awareness? 

Paid Media specialists are your safest route to consistent and robust ROAS.

With near immediate results, find out how our highly experienced paid media specialists could get you almost 8 x your ad spend ASAP.

Read more on our tried and tested paid media services here.

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Is your website fully maximising profitability? 

Speak to our CRO specialists and check your website’s usability and performance develops in-line with your customers experience & expectations.

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Understand how and why your competitors are increasing market share?

A rigorous reporting framework can give you actionable insight and analytics on not just your own site but that of your competitors too, meaning competitive advantage will be yours.

If you want to understand how our tried & tested framework can help your business or you’d like a free audit of your current set-up, read more about our reporting & analysis services today.

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