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Many Business Owners in Cheshire often fail to understand how poor online reputation management (ORM) can damage their company’s sales and image. Your online reputation can help generate trust and business while at the same time steer potential customers or clients away.

With something so simple being able to have a huge impact on a business’s potential income it comes as no surprise that there are companies out there that will help you to maintain a positive reputation while minimising the effect of negative comments.

You may have heard of the university in California which received huge negative publicity online after pictures of student protesters that were sitting down in peaceful protest were pepper sprayed by police after the university chancellor requested them to be removed from the premise.

This event which happened back in 2011 has resurfaced again due to it being made public that the university had hired a communications firm for a $15,000 a month contract to remove references to the pepper spray incident from google and any negative search results for the university chancellor.

This goal has obviously not been reached with this story being talked about on news agencies across the world however there is a simpler way to address negative comments or feedback and this is through large volumes of positive content.

Now this cannot happen overnight, it will require you to be consistently active. Posting blogs and comments often will improve your online reputation.

It will help keep your business looking active in the ‘eyes’ of google which may increase your rankings, while drowning any minor negative comments away by sheer volume of positive comments and blogs.

Responding to negative feedback can also be beneficial, if the public sees a well written reply that sounds sincere and personal it can help reflect a human face of a business and aid the wider response to the customer’s concerns.

It is worth noting that you should not link to the original complaint or negative comment in your reply, you do not want to direct traffic to the negative feedback but to direct them away from it.

Being active will not only help when the time comes that you receive a negative comment but comes with a range of benefits including better rankings on search engines like google, more traffic to your website which can result in more business while helping with brand awareness as your company becomes more well known.

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