GA4 Google Analytics

This week I have looked at various sets of analytics for potential customers, all referrals. Following the below there is useful information with regards to Google Analytics 4 so please do read on.

With respect to the sets mentioned, NONE of them, despite being established businesses, are using Google search console in any meaningful way.

Often the Analytics, is not even integrated into analytics. Please do ensure that you are engaged with Google Search Console, even starting with the basics is, well, a good start. Yes, they measure different things but it demonstrates joined up thinking and de-silos data sets.

Watch this video for a handy introduction

Google analytics 4 (GA4)

Google officially state that integrity of Google analytics plays no part in its SEO Ranking or any other ranking factors. I don’t believe that for a second and nothing in my experience tells me otherwise. Why would it not? Why would Google give access to (its own) search console and analytics tracking data, and tell the world that its primary concern is the user experience, and then not give weight to the very data set that articulates the user experience? I don’t buy that.

I believe that a good, clean analytics set will naturally benefit the business, the Directors and the SLT but also ranking factors.

Keep up to date and prepare for…GA4!!  Here is some information, from Google with respect to Google Analytics (version) 4.

GA4 is a “property” and as such different from the Universal Analytics property. A property is a set of Google Analytics reports and data associated with one or more websites and/or apps. If data should generally be analysed together (product line, brand, application), data should be in one property.

The reports and interface vary depending on what kind of property you are using. For example, a Universal Analytics property has different reports from a Google Analytics 4 property. Please see this information for a handy user guide.