Digital State Google Partner

We are Digital State Consulting, digital marketing agency in Cheshire, trading since 2009.

Google will use your AdWords data against you in some way.

Keep your PPC data confidential to BENEFIT YOU.

We are the NOT Google partner, want to know more?

We’ve seen it and done it. E-commerce, Professional services, B2B, B2C, D2C and any other combination you want. Digital marketing and especially AdWords (PPC) is about one thing only.


For years we held the Google partner badge, premier partner no less, and jumped through their hoops and blew the whistle. Not anymore. Experience has taught us that Google have only one responsibility, to make money for their shareholders. And that’s not a criticism.

That doesn’t help you though. We are now the “Not Google partners”. Yes, we talk to them occasionally and sometimes add their advice to our mix of expertise, 20 years’ experience, and our commercial understanding. We are not their lapdogs. Those days are gone. We are a proudly independent digital marketing agency in Cheshire, Digital State.

We now work in partnership with Google just like you work in partnership with HMRC.

All work executed is for clients benefit, not for Google, Microsoft, or anyone else. We have no interest in spending days at their offices for photoshoots or anything else, it’s all nonsense. Google want two things from your AdWords account. Money and data.

The data gets used to justify an increase in your cost per click and to encourage you to spend more and more as they “optimise” the spend in your industry and play you all against each other. Don’t run off the cliff. Get a different point of view ……

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