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The Apprentice has announced its newest winner this weekend. Mark Wright, an Australian and one of 20 candidates in the BBC1 competition ‘The Apprentice’ has won this year. In winning, he has gained a £250,000 investment from Lord Alan Sugar in his digital marketing agency.

His company, which focuses on digital marketing and search engine optimization, beat that of Bianca Miller in the final to take the winners title. Miller’s company idea was a range of tights that matched different skin tones, and said of the defeat “to lose to him was the best I could hope for, really”. Wright has also commented that his rivalry with Daniel Lassman, a competitor who lost out in the semi-final, encouraged his success.

In an increasingly cramped area of business, you might wonder why both Mark Wright and Lord Alan Sugar have chosen the area of SEO. However, with the name Lord Sugar connected to it and the expectation of success associated with this, Wright may have a winner after all.

Mark Wright, who is from Australia, has commented that his family didn’t even know that he was on the show, and instead thought that he was away backpacking.

He commented that he came to the UK as it’s the ideal place to start a business, saying that “London particularly is a land of opportunity for young people to start businesses”. He also noted that “In Australia the population’s not big enough and the dollar’s not strong enough”.

Whether his business is a success or not is down to him and Lord Sugar, but they might have some difficulty in the SEO market. Contact Digital State in Cheshire for a review of your online marketing activity or an SEO Audit.