Digital State Consulting Results through Analysis

Last week, we mentioned an article that highlighted SEO technical optimisation lessons you can take on board just by analysing the SERPs.  This week, we’ve seen an article that takes it a bit further and considers the conceptual lessons that you can garner from rankings – in particular, how to interpret content development and strategic development from how Google is valuing you and your competitors.


We also immensely enjoyed this entertaining rant from Julie Joyce on SEW this week about why link development is such an expensive activity and, moreover, why you should be worried if your agency is doing it cheaply.  It’s also a great article on the practical elements you need to focus on when you are working to develop link profile or even when you pay someone else to do it for you.

You can almost hear, in between the lines of that article, the echoes of a complaint about customers not trusting SEO agencies. A topic that State of Digital looked at in this article that stemmed from the odious Apprentice contestant, Mark Wright.

Of course, the irony is that, when there is no trust, customers make decisions based on price, rather than value, and in that market, agencies that cut corners to provide better price points are going to seem more attractive.


As we’ve said repeatedly before, of course, at the heart of all good link development campaigns is a well-conceived content development effort alongside SEO technical optimisation.  Going back over old ground somewhat but an up-to-date summary of the best tools available to support you when copy-writing activity is in the grips of inspiration debt will never go unappreciated.  Everyone – whether they’re agency professionals or cottage industry site owners – needs these occasionally; and even more so when long-term plans are being drafted.


Rand Fishkin, as usual, provided a fantastic Whiteboard demonstration – this week on using the broader keyword/interest analysis one finds in other areas of marketing (such as social and PPC) to inform how we can go deeper in developing a better keyword targeting strategy.

This ties in very well, conceptually, with Google’s ongoing development of their structured data internet and the increasing complexity of attributes within its algorithm.  In short, if Google is going deeper in its analysis (and understanding) of searches, we need to be more sophisticated in our articulation of how sites are the best answer to those searches.

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