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National and International Digital Marketing Case Study.

AdWords, SEO & Google Tag Manager (Analytics).

Uniper is an international energy company with circa 8.6 billion in sales and 12,000 staff across multiple divisions and territories. Following its split from Eon , Uniper had a requirement to streamline and better control the tracking across its website(s), whilst aiming to give each department its own bespoke reporting suite with both shared and unique KPIs.

The Project

At the beginning of the project, Uniper had a significant number of different Google Analytics properties configured across different sections of the website – all of which reside on the same domain, for example:

  • Uniper Corporate
  • Uniper Energy Storage
  • Uniper Enerlytics
  • Uniper Energiesicherheit
  • Uniper Energy Services

The news section also ran on a different platform, albeit in a subfolder: uniper.energy/news There were also sub domains including, importantly, investor relations, that linked to and back to the main site such as: job.uniper.energy

The main issue with different platforms and tracking properties, using different tracking configurations, was that user attribution / source data was lost as users navigated from one section of the site to another due to each tracking’s cookie configuration.

This significantly skewed each team’s view of the user data and where they came from.

With this in mind, and in order for the Corporate team to have full control over who can see what data from team to team, the tracking had to be streamlined, so we implemented the latest version of Google Analytics across all sites, using the same syntax.

Corporate had access to all data across the entire site, and we then set up a view for each sub folder and sub domain that only reported on the data within that section of the site.

By configuring a view for each sub section, Corporate was able to maintain a view of all site data combined whilst controlling which sub teams could see which sub data. That’s significant in this Uniper Case Study.

European and specifically German data and competition regulations.

This also ensured that all data (flow) was compliant with European and specifically German data and competition regulations. As each sub section has its own unique KPIs and requirements for tracking user activity, we then set up each with a unique Google Tag Manager account allowing us to set up bespoke event and engagement tracking covering areas such as:

  • PDF downloads
  • Contact forms
  • Account Registrations
  • Specific page views
  • Video views
  • Scroll depth per page
  • External Links clicked
  • Phone number clicks
  • Email clicks
  • Social shares

We then set up each sub folder and sub domain as a unique web property in Google Search Console, and via Digital States Reporting Suite & are able to provide each team with their own bespoke monthly reporting consisting of:

  • Variations of the above engagement data
  • Bespoke social media referral traffic reports
  • Paid search reports
  • Search impression and click data