Digital brands have been advised to consider setting up a mobile presence that is distinct from their online practices. The rise in the use of mobile internet has been phenomenal since the release of products such as the iPhone, and this is a medium that UK digital marketing and SEO  firms should not ignore.

Joshua Odmark of Admax Media made this suggestion in an article for Search Engine Land, predicting that in the next five years, the desktop will be overtaken by the mobile web.

He said that this was “inevitable”, as although people are still reluctant to make purchases from their handsets, the same was true about transactions conducted via PCs, a hesitation that has now almost entirely disappeared.

Furthermore, Mr Odmark went on to note that mobile online PR is expected to exceed $6.5 billion (£4 billion) in 2012, an indication that investments in this area will pay off for companies.

“Ad spend is a great indicator for the current status of an industry,” he said. The recent predictions that online advertising will continue to attract more money in the future mean that mobile internet holds great potential for UK search marketing. It is vital for businesses hoping to improve revenue to have a wider presence and accessibility for consumers.

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