Google Webmaster Tools

Digital State Consulting discuss Google Webmaster Tools API.

In September last year, Google created a new version of the Webmaster Tools API which allows you to do the following:

Identify then add, or remove sites from your account (you can currently have up to 500 sites in your account)
List, add, or remove sitemaps for your websites
Get warning, error, and indexed counts for individual sitemaps
Get a time-series of all kinds of crawl errors for your site
List crawl error samples for specific types of errors
Mark individual crawl errors as “fixed” (this doesn’t change how they’re processed, but can help simplify the UI for you)

However, as reported by Search Engine Land, this tool does not have keyword data from the content report.

This was not so much of a problem before now as the tools which used that data could access it from any Webmaster Tools API. From the 20th April 2015, however, this will not be possible as the old Webmaster Tools API will no longer be functioning.

If you are still using the old API then Google’s John Mueller give the following advice in a Google blog:

“If you’re still using the old API, getting started with the new one is fairly easy. The new API covers everything from the old version except for messages and keywords.

We have examples in Python, Java, as well as OACurl(for command-line fans & quick testing). Additionally, there’s the Site Verification API to add sites programmatically to your account.

The Python search query data download will continue to be available for the moment, and replaced by an API in the upcoming quarters.”