Google AdWords

Google Ads have introduced a new ad type named ‘Call-Only’ ads. Spotted last week, the new ad type for mobile marketing allows advertisers to create a text ad with only the option for a phone call. This feature is aimed at marketers who look at calls for conversions.

The ‘click-to-call’ mobile ad itself is not new, rather it is the process for setting up the ad that has changed. Previously, mobile marketers would set up the ad through a call extension by changing the settings so it shows only a phone number and not the website too. Now, however, there is the much simpler option of the new ‘Call-Only’ ad type.

To set up these ads, marketers will need to put in the business name, phone number, descriptive text, display URL and an optional verification URL for the phone number. The ads themselves will show the phone number, business description and a call button for searchers, allowing users to call businesses directly from the search results.

These ads will drive calls as opposed to traffic, with Google saying that call-only campaigns are “Uniquely built for businesses that value phone calls more than website clicks”. Google also said that “consumers are increasingly looking for products or services while on the go and then placing a call right away”, and that “70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results” – so it is no surprise that some mobile marketers see the benefits of call-only campaigns.

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