We’ve all known it’s been coming for a long while. Recently, professionals across the field – including Google employees – and members of the general public alike have been anticipating changes in user behaviour to finally push the balance of mobile vs desktop searches towards mobile. It seems now that this has happened.

In a recent blog post by Google, the search engine giant said that “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan”, according to Google internal data. Whilst they do not specify which countries make up the other 8, it is clear that the growing trend is towards mobile searching.

Interestingly, Google do not count tablets as part of mobile – they are part of desktop – so this means that in those 10 countries more searches are performed on mobiles than on both tablets and desktops.

Along with this piece of information, Google announced that they have made some changes to ads in order to better suit consumer’s needs and expectations. For example, they have now introduced Automobile Ads and Hotel Ads in order to make searching for cars and hotels, buying cars and booking hotels easier. They are also soon adding mortgages to Google Compare (in the US), and adding some new features to AdWords, which you can read more about in their post.

As Google say in the post, consumers “want everything right, and they want everything right away”. With more and more users choosing to search on mobile devices, mobile optimisation is essential to cater for the needs of consumer. What’s more, mobile optimisation is more important than ever to rank highly in the search results and attract customers to your site.

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