Apologies for the lack of industry digest last week. To make up for it, we have a bumper list of great links this week, covering all that is new and inspiring in the world of search marketing – from analytics to content writing, from Adwords management to industry current affairs, dive in and be inspired!


  • And banging the drum for improved outreach – how you find (and engage) appropriate and relevant partners on the internet – could not be more relevant.  Here’s some thoughts from back in August 2013 that continue to make complete sense.  Be real, be honest and be an authority…


  • We’ve defended Google+ before (and not just for SEO reasons – it is actually a really good social network, if your audience is there) but above all else, the reality is that it’s not going anywhere.  Here are some articles that echo our thoughts and why we’re not changing our minds:







…though he did update his remarks to add context – context that, in the main, brings us back to square one – that is, stay focused on high quality relevant sites and being valuable.  Here’s SearchEngineLand running the rule over Matt’s post….