Digital State Consulting - Google AdWords

This week, I’ll be starting with some PPC advice.  It’s been a while since we’ve given this stream of search marketing much time and there have been a number of significant improvements in the proposition that Google offers (as well as a lot of basic strategic approaches that have remained strong) that make a revisit of current thinking on it more than worthwhile.

The first provides a good revision pack on getting killer structure to your PPC account – if you’re new to PPC or, more importantly, are about to set-up a new account, it’s a quick breakdown of the vital considerations.

Meanwhile, the second looks at recent additions to the Adwords suite of tools and features.  If you’ve been away from the coal-face for a while or are looking to develop beyond rookie-level adwords management, it’s well designed to help you “pimp” your account so that you’re not being left behind by the competition.

But then, maybe, it’s all evidence of Google gradually taking any strategic management of Adwords out of our hands so it can maximise revenue generation?  Arianne Donoghue highlights just such a cynical interpretation in this article, but she also raises a great deal of interesting observations around the direction of PPC – it’s clear that, however it develops in the future, Google is trying to simultaneously provide both an easier and more complex selling platform.

Digital State of Digital

State of Digital took a look at what successful link building consists of in 2015, as part of advertising their role in the publication of SEO Now 2015 – an e-book published by Linkdex – which covers, well pretty much everything.

If you’ve been paying attention over the last year or two (or even the last few months), there won’t really be much to surprise you here. Nevertheless, if you’re in need of an up-to-date précis of what the big “do’s and don’ts” are, it will definitely give you a conceptual and practical leg-up.

Last week, I pointed to some really solid advice on influencer marketing – developing your authority within a community of authoritative voices and using that engagement to amplify your voice.  Coincidently, this week has seen another interesting article on influencer targeting which details how the process can run wild and, moreover, how to avoid losing control of your main objectives.  A useful corollary to last week and it’s worth reading them side by side to get a healthy middle ground in approach.

And lastly, a couple of really useful brain dumps for all those copywriters and outreach administrators out there.  As most will know, any talent you may have for writing or for outreach engagement will only get you a small part of the way – to be successful, you need relentless effort!

However, relentless effort is, unsurprisingly, hard to maintain and, as such, having a bible of process-rich advice or inspirational steps is vital.  Everyone has them (or something like them) and no-one should ever turn up their nose as developing them further – with that in mind, here’s an article on brainstorming content ideas and another on the outreach lists you need to cultivate,  If all else fails, go back to these and you can re-invigorate your workplan.