SEO Copywriting

The Digital State SEO Content Writing Philosophy

  1. We benchmark a client’s levels and importantly, quality of content against their competition, so that we know if there is a balance that needs addressing
  2. Analyse the logical derivatives of words associated with the primary term/s, for words or terms that the search engines will group with the primary term/s (this is known as The Long Tail Effect)
  3. Product delivery comes with simple notes of how to load the content onto the website
  4. Insert where appropriate, long tail terms into the content to give our clients the best possible value for money
  5. Write original and unduplicated content looking hard at: keyword percentage, positioning and distribution of search term/s, surrounding pages and site architecture, on and off–page content

Product delivery comes with simple notes of how to load the content onto the website

Search Engine Techniques for Analysing Copy

Naturally, the actual written word is being read by a mathematical programme, not by a human being, when content is being indexed. Our teams know how these algorithms work and have seen them develop over many years. It is important to have information around a theme, but essentially, as they say in the USA, to remain “on message”. The first of these factors is the use and deployment of synonyms.

Synonym Consideration

Search engines and search marketing companies know which words are similar to others. Our teams consider this when executing their tasks.

The ‘Tilde’ Command

For example, type into your web browser search box, ~accountancy (this key is normally SHIFT+#) You will notice that the results you have are associated with this term, not necessarily directly correlating to it. In this example, accountancy definitions, accountancy practices and even accounts and finance job listings appear.

A further example can be seen by typing ~equality and hitting Search. Links to information about equality, diversity, women’s rights and government legislation will all appear.

This is the concept of long tail terminology and is being used in all sorts of arenas such as political analysis, blogging and social media.

The logical result of this is that here at the Search Marketing Group, we know that the search engines, particularly in our opinion, Google, do understand the concept of theme. Therefore our team’s focus upon generating hits to the client’s site from the long tail terms.