SEO Copywriting

Our experienced UK trained copywriters have extensive experience in SEO Copywriting. They write plenty of original news articles and press releases on a weekly basis for customers in a wide range of industries, on a plethora of topics. Good quality content is crucial in the highly charged “rankings war” with other sites. We explore some of the reasons that have resulting in that statement being true. You can also read our article on keeping your website fresh and up–to–date.

Google is a hyper–textual search engine and to this effect, only reads HTML (Hyper Textual Markup Language) or in layman’s terms, the written word. Google does have an images database which can influence rankings, but primarily it is looking for the written content on your site.

Good quality technical authorship can lead to other websites and webmasters linking to your URL naturally and increase your link count. Further to this when a bespoke link campaign is undertaken, the results will be that much better as link providers will have good quality content to link to and thus protect their integrity.

Search engines trust and favour websites that have a good level of content including news articles as they have a fundamental interest in returning good quality results to users. Content is the fundamental reason that search engines exist – not just to look at images or analyse links – they want to see good quantity and quality of content being made available to their users. A good quality digital marketing company will always evaluate your content and advise how to make the most of it.

But above all else, SEO marketing companies know that as the saying goes ‘Content is King’, and this is something that in our opinion, will never change.

Content Writing Parameters

Google have published the parameters they assess when weighing the pros and cons of an article or content page. A high quality search marketing company will know that these are:

The number of times that the keyword or words appear

Exact position of the word or words and positioning of the word throughout the article

Formatting and font of the search term or keywords

Where this page fits into the site architecture and how this will affect the breadcrumb trail

Meta-data in the HTML of the page (off–page content)

Authorship is not merely a straight forward or random action of writing text around a specific keyword or search term. It must in fact, be balanced with the entire offering of the site. A high quality search marketing company will know how many articles are needed to give the public and or business community, enough information upon a given subject.