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We’re one of the longest established SEO agencies in Cheshire, the below is an article from 2014 that explains the benefits of link building for SEO purposes.

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Around 315 people took the SEO Link Building Survey. Of these, 37% were consultants/practitioners for an agency, 8% were freelance consultants/practitioners, 13% were business owners in the fields of SEO, digital marketing etc, 12% were business owners unrelated to marketing and 30% were SEO managers/heads of SEO.

When asked ‘how much does your company spend on link building per month?’, 20% said they spent $0-1k, 20% said they spent $1-5k, 23% said they spent $5-10k, 37% said they spent $10-50k and 0% said they spent $50k+.

What does this mean?

In the 2013 survey 10% said their company spent $50k+/month on ink building, but only 11% said their company spent $10-50k. So, less people are spending the upper limit – but more people are spending within the $10-50k bracket.

When asked ‘what percentage of your overall SEO budget is allocated toward building links?’, 27% said that 0-25% of their budget went toward building links, 27% said that 26-50% of their budget went toward building links, 40% put 51-75% toward building links and 7% put between 76 and 100% toward building links. As there is no previous data on this, it cannot be compared to 2013. Hopefully there will be some comparison in 2015.

When asked ‘would you say you’ve increased or decreased your spending on link building over the past 12 months?’, 81% said they had increased spending and 19% said they had decreased spending.

On the next question of ‘In the next 12 months, will you look to increase or decrease your spending on link building?’, 73% responded increase whereas 27% responded decrease.

‘What is currently your biggest link building challenge?’, the responses were:

a)      Getting links to pages that aren’t particularly “linkworthy”

b)      Lack of scalability

c)       Avoiding Google penalties

 ‘Which link building tactics do you believe to be most effective?’ the respondents voted as so:

1)      Content and outreach

2)      Infographic promotion

3)      Broken link building

4)      Local citations/business directories

5)      Resource pages

 ‘Of all link building tactics do you believe to be least effective?’ the respondents voted as so:

1)      Article directories

2)      Social bookmarks

3)      Forum profile links

4)      Web directories/comments

5)      Link wheels/Rented links/Press release submissions

When asked ‘Which link building tactics do you consider to be harmful to a site?’ the respondents voted as so:

1)      Paid links

2)      Article directories

3)      Web directories

4)      Forum profile links

5)      Link wheels

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