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As we embark upon a new year, we all reflect upon the year we leave behind. If you have been reminiscing on the most memorable moments of 2013, you may be interested in turning your attention to Google’s annual “Year End Zeitgeist” page which lists an array of weird and wonderful talk points from 2013. The Zeitgeist sets out a list of the most searched topics of 2013 which highlights those moments which had us all talking! We want to take you on a journey back to the most memorable moments of 2013 with help from the Zeitgeist which covers every aspect of search, from celebrities, to technology, to film, to breaking news.

Lets begin with a look back to the crazy celebrity world and which celebs caught our attention the most in 2013. Who came top on the most searched celebrity pregnancies? You may be shocked to realise that it was Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy which grabbed the most attention in 2013. The many fans of the American reality show which follows the life of the Kardashian family clearly couldn’t get enough of what the show had to offer and turned to Google to find out all the news they could about her pregnancy.

Maybe you want some inspiration for a good movie to watch. Well, thanks to Zeitgeist, we can help you with some ideas about what to spend your weekend doing. The most searched movie in 2013 was the latest Superman film, “Man of Steel”. What about TV programmes? “Breaking Bad” was at the top spot for most searched – not too surprising, considering it was the most talked about show of 2013!

Search Marketing Companies value the importance of top searches, whether they are light-hearted or more serious. For instance, Zeitgeist reveals showbiz talking points taking the top spots in search, but also shows how news that changed world history in 2013 has prevailed at the top too. As an example, we had the birth of the future king, Prince George. This was news that engaged a wide audience on a global scale, evident in the fact it came number 7 in Google’s Top 10 trending global searches of 2013. But, without a doubt, the biggest Google event was the death of Nelson Mandela – his iconic status emphasised in the Zeitgeist results as his death was the number one search in Google’s top 10 trending global searches in 2013.