Earthport (Baydon Hill) is part of the Pollen Street Capital Group, a global, independent alternative asset investment management company focused on the financial and business services sectors. It was established in 2013 and now has £2.6bn gross assets under management. It had a requirement to streamline and better control the inbound pipeline to the business. The tracking and in fact general monitoring of digital assets (within the Baydon Hill site) was poor and needed immediate attention.

The Project

At the beginning of their project, they had a weak PPC management strategy and had used a couple of London agencies with little positive results. The foreign currency markets are one of the toughest to deliver within as the competition is immense and there is strict regulation. The SEO techniques being deployed were “grey” at best and the firm they were using were essentially a PR firm not a digital marketing house, good people and creative but not specialists in the field that the client needed. There were many challenges and they were all met. Those were not limited to, but included:

  • Developing robust Analytics reporting and goal setting.
  • Implementing SEO best practice and report upon organic data.
  • Maximising ROAS (return on Ad Spend) from Google AdWords. This was a campaign running to circa £30,000 a month.
  • Bespoke reporting providing sets of data to the management team and other data sets to the board.

“The results we saw were radically improved from our significantly more expensive London Agency. Faster, more transparent and the relationship was more human. Greg and his team spoke in a way I understood and that’s important to me. There’s enough jargon in my own industry, I didn’t need more. Fantastic results and fantastic service.”

Head of Private client, Baydon Hill.

A highly successful SEO and Google Adwords campaign underpinned by solid communications and structured, meaningful Google Analytics reporting.