Rolls Royce PLC is a British multinational engineering company that designs, manufactures and distributes power systems for aviation and other industries. It is the world’s second-largest maker of aircraft engines and has major businesses in the marine propulsion and energy sectors. It employs over 50,000 worldwide and generated revenue in 2019 of over £16bn.

The Project

Protect global revenues against the anticipated global downturn in fossil-fuel based power systems, by: Transforming Rolls Royce’s leadership capability, specifically putting the frameworks, resources and tools in place to create and support that which the business leaders needed to achieve Rolls Royce’s ambition to be the world’s pre-eminent manufacturer of sustainable, carbon-neutral power and propulsion systems. Establishing a genuine, globally-recognised culture as a learning centre of excellence through the adoption of leading-edge digital technologies.

The Process: Learner Led. Digitally Delivered

Audited, Simplified and Prioritised skills learning content

  • All internal and external learning resource reviewed.
  • Duplicate or obsolete content removed according to client-led criteria – a ‘single version of the truth’ approach.

Content look and feel harmonised across all platforms and formats.

  • Created a single online Learning Portal, which enabled:
    • A vastly improved user experience through delivery of simple, easy access to all learning resources via a single site.
    • Adoption of the newly created RR Learning Brand across all digital platforms.
    • Enabled user engagement and collaboration through built-in content creation capability.

Developed a content curation platform

  • Curates and presents relevant internal and external learning content, personalised to the user based upon unlimited criteria such as their profile, preferences, interests, peer groups.

Delivered additional digital resources (leadership toolkits, learner mobile applications and chatbot) to support learner-led learning in the flow of work

  • Resources available at point / time of need.
  • Performance support, monitoring and reporting integrated with existing legacy systems and personal devices.

The Result

Despite being severely impacted by the spread of Covid-19, we successfully accelerated the adoption of the digital elements of the programme and adapted additional programme elements into digital formats, allowing the programme to deliver it’s stated aims despite it’s global user base being entirely remote.