Case Study: My Next Mattress

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Digital State are an established Digital Marketing and SEO Agency in Cheshire, trading since 2009.

MNM is a home furnishings company with 11 large department stores in The Midlands. Magento Site, SEO works, Enterprise AdWords and Shopping feeds management.

The Project

At the beginning of the project, MNM had an essentially unstable platform from an SEO perspective and was spending £30,000 to £40,000 a month on AdWords. All areas of digital needed focus and the team were committed to excellent customer service and had a large existing, profitable business that was ready for digital excellence. There have been several challenges, all of which have been met. Those were not limited to, but included:

  • Developing robust E-Commerce Analytics reporting and goal setting.
  • Taking charge of the AdWords from one of the directors who had been running it himself.
  • Maximising ROAS (return on Ad Spend) from Google AdWords, this was implemented largely manually with regular reporting which was statistical and handwritten in terms of running commentary.
  • SEO implementation although it became clear that Ad Words was the most profitable route and was building the customer base really fast so that’s where the investment mainly went.

AdWords Key Data in First Year Alone

  • We conducted several in depth audits of this account and it was clear that it had become increasingly difficult to manage profitably over the past few years. The ROAS stats were low and needed improvement.
  • The audit revealed numerous areas where improvements could be made and we estimated that we could improve the efficiency of the account by 50-70% within a 12 month period.
  • We also highlighted one simple change that could immediately be made to save over £1,000pm in wasted ad spend.

Ad Spend and Revenue

In our first 11 months of account management, we improved revenue v the same previous period by 101.96% with a 6.35% higher ad spend.

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