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Platinum Ring Co - Digital State

The Platinum Ring Company has been trading in the retail jewellery business for over a decade, developing a strong reputation for exquisite engagement, wedding, and eternity rings without the high-street mark-up. They are the leading platinum jeweller in the UK and provide jewellery for numerous occasions across multiple sites. The company is proud to be a member of the British Jewellers Association.

Our Strategy for Content

As part of the extensive digital marketing packages on offer, we provided written content for the Platinum Ring Company which is not only interesting and extensively researched but SEO friendly and key word rich. This is specifically focused on first-class copywriting that incorporates both short and long-tail targeting. This approach ensures that we are aligning the website content for Platinum Ring Company with the increasingly sophisticated Google algorithms, which gives value to the relationship between words that have similar contextual usage and targeted keywords we optimise for.

Our Strategy for Link Building

We have also executed high quality link acquisition programmes both in the UK and abroad on behalf of the company. The ethical link acquisition not only looks natural but builds domain authority. This has delivered Platinum ring Company impressive rankings year on year.

A Platinum Success Story

Digital State have secured sensational rankings for the Platinum Ring Company. They currently rank top 3 on Google for the highly competitive terms of “platinum rings”, “platinum engagement rings”, “platinum wedding rings” and “platinum eternity rings”. Furthermore, they receive traffic from over 5000 different search terms, which underlines the importance of our focus on long-tail targeting.