Organic Rankings

The Importance of Organic Rankings

Digital State discusses the importance of organic rankings.

You have invested in a professional quality website to promote your company. The design is eye-catching and you have plenty of great content. But now it’s been a while, and your website still isn’t generating new business for you. In fact, it’s hardly getting any visitors.

Where’d you go wrong? The answer is you’ve done all the right things but left out one important factor – Organic Rankings

Organic Rankings

Organic Search rankings are the result of the process of researching and using certain content (keywords) and altering various components of your website to improve its placement on the major search engines like Google and Bing.

When someone searches for your product in your area, you want to be sure they find you in the top results on the search engines. Essentially, appearing more prominently and frequently in the search results.

Organic Ranking are Critical

More than 80% of online consumers start their search for a product or service using a search engine like Google. And 60 million people a day turn to search engines for answers.

If you’re a small business, you can’t afford to disregard this enormous audience. The only people that not engaging with an SEO agency helps is your competitors as they more than likely will be.

Sure you can purchase an ad to appear in the results on search engines (pay-per-click), but that could eat up your marketing budget in a hurry.

Also, study after study indicates that 85 percent of search engine users are more likely to click on organic search results rather than paid search ads. This is why natural search marketing is so crucial online.

Therefore, you first want to take a look at the factors that can improve your organic ranking. SEO (search engine optimization) is an affordable way to cover all your bases so that local, national and international customers find you.

SEO Can Get Your Site to the Top of Google

It’s simply not enough to have your website indexed by the search engines. It must appear at the top of the results or prospective customers may never come across it. But they will find your competition. In fact, studies show that 91% of search engine users don’t click past the first page of search results.

Do you? Probably not. If your site isn’t one of the top 10 for its main keywords, it might as well be invisible. SEO can get you there with natural search marketing.

Qualified Leads

While it’s great to see more visitors coming to your website, you really are only interested in targeted traffic. Someone who finds you through an online search like Google is specifically looking for what you offer.

That’s the beauty of SEO. It doesn’t just bring more traffic; it delivers qualified leads, visitors who have a genuine interest in your services. And that’s just what you need.

SEO Gives Top Returns on Your Marketing Investment

Where are you spending most of your firm’s marketing budget these days? Direct mail? Print ads in your local newspaper or real estate magazines? While those are proven marketing methods, they’re costly.

They also lack staying power. Send a direct mailer and the recipient has to be interested in your message that day or it will be forgotten.

Advertise in the newspaper and you have to hope your prospect is local, reads today’s edition and happens to see your ad before the whole paper is tossed in the recycling bin.

By contrast, a well-ranked website is working for you 24/7. No matter when someone needs your services, they can go to a search engine and find your website.

If you typed The Importance of Organic Rankings into Google you’ll have found this page, search works. Once you’ve successfully optimized a keyword phrase, it’s likely to remain in the top 10 search results for months, sometimes years, continually delivering quality visitors to your website.

Google’s Vote Counts

People view Google with respect. If Google likes you, so too, will others. Get your website into the top 10 organic search results, and your company will be perceived as a trusted resource. Google’s silent seal of approval translates into instant visibility and credibility. The natural digital marketing advantage that comes with most SEO services is therefore far more valuable to your firm than pay-per-click.