Advertising Standards

The Advertising Standards Authority are fearsome regulators of all media related advertising. Starting 1 March 2011 they plan to extend to regulating online marketing. This is to cut down on websites which are wrongly advertising their products and services.

ASA are currently undertaking a campaign to make people aware of the changes they are making. The websites and other marketing tools which they use to promote themselves, for example Facebook and Twitter, will be subject to the non-broadcast advertising rules set out in the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) Code.

ASA’s mission statement is ‘to ensure ads are legal, decent, honest and truthful’, but shouldn’t this always be the case? The current campaign which they are undertaking is there to help webmasters to get in touch with the proper channels to see if their website is up to code when internet marketing, and if the website needs any changes they will give help on this before the law comes into effect.

This clearly makes it even more essential to undertake an organic SEO campaign and to use natural internet marketing techniques when dispersing your website across the World Wide Web. Honesty is definitely the best policy – target the right terms and make use of the search engines and other portals to promote your website in a way that is ‘legal, decent, honest and truthful’.

ASA’s new campaign could provide a step forward in removing websites using black-hat SEO techniques. The honesty of ASA’s service will hopefully bring back confidence in the search marketing industry. When undertaking your own online marketing campaign make sure that you invest in an ethical and honest web marketing company in order to gain the best results you wish for!

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