Digital State discusses the BBC’s Google warning.

Following the recent revelations that the flower delivery giant Interflora has received a Google penalty for possibly buying links, many businesses are looking for a reputable search marketing company to help them avoid such penalties in the future.

Here at Digital State we are constantly researching all things relating to search marketing to ensure that we are up to date in the constantly evolving online world. We were interested to read that yet another online giant has hit by Google.

BBC news, the world’s largest broadcast news organisation, has announced that they have been issued a notification from Google specifying unnatural link activity. This has caused a stir within the search marketing world, that a site as authoritative as the BBC, should receive such a notification.


Whilst Google refused to comment at first John Mueller, a webmaster trends analyst at Google Switzerland, has since stated that a plethora of unnatural links were found relating to an individual article on the site and so action was taken against that individual article as opposed to the site as a whole.

Google Switzerland Office

The recent news of Google targeting giants such as Interflora and the BBC shows that the search giant is taking no prisoners when it comes to black hat SEO techniques and reiterating the fact that the big brands do get treated the same as the smaller ones who break the rules.

Interflora has since reappeared within the SERPS after being missing for 11 days between Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day and whilst no penalty was issued to BBC news it still shows that the Google team are investigating every site, large or small.

Your site can be described as having an unnatural link profile if you have partaken in excessive link building. Excessively placing links essentially builds relevance and authority to your site and so is obviously not seen as normal practice.

Examples of such links include buying placement links, forum and comment spamming, exchanging links and creating a network of low quality sites purely for link building purposes.

If you have received a Google notification for unnatural link building or you want to increase your online presence using ethical digital marketing techniques then visit Digital State today to see how we can help you and your business thrive online.