Google Drive

Digital Marketing agency Digital State discusses Google Drive.

We have an avid interest in developments and changes to the Search Engine monster that is Google. Our interest is vested in the fact that Google provide many Search Engine Optimisation practitioners with detailed strings of data related to traffic travelling to and from a site.

We are excited about the launch of Google Drive. The service was finally revealed 24th April 2012.Google is anticipating that this service will eventually create the ‘world’s largest filing cabinet’.

By keeping files in massive data centres, users will be able to call up the information on their smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and just about any other internet-connected device.

Google Drive will provide services such as safe storage space which the user will be able to access easily and even share with others. Here you will be able to use Google’s sophisticated channels to create documents and work on project work, planning and organisation, be it for the office or your personal life.

Also, you can upload and access all of your files, including videos, photos, Google Docs, PDFs and beyond. You can access your material from just about anywhere and from all of your devices.

Google’s new service even boasts versatility as you can install Drive on you Mac or PC and can download the app for your IOS devices. Blind users will be able to access Drive with a screen reader. A version compatible with Apple’s iPhone and iPad is due to be made available soon.

As a search engine giant Google will of course be offering search related perks. For example Drive can recognise text from scanned documents using Optical Character Recognition technology.

Whilst were mentioning IBM, how’s this for a logo redesign? Awesome!

IBM New Logo

Google is offering the first five gigabytes of storage per account for free. Additional storage will be sold for prices starting at 2.49 dollars (£1.54) per month for 25 gigabytes up to 49.99 dollars (£31) per month for one terabyte, equivalent to five laptops with 200-gigabyte drives.

It has been suggested that the leading Search Engine Google is perhaps a little behind its game considering similar services such as iCloud, SkyDrive and Dropbox have previously been made available. However Google are hoping to excel by equipping their storage service with more accessible, useful and robust tools.

At Digital State we are keen to see the benefits of Google Drive and its impact on the search engine optimisation community. For information regarding how we can optimise your online presence please see our website.