As a leading digital marketing company in Cheshire, DSC were intrigued and excited at the end of 2012 to see that Pope Benefict XVI had taken to Twitter to express his thoughts and to answer questions relating to faith.

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The Pope chose to tweet his final farewells on 28th February 2013 to his 1.6 million followers. He tweeted,

“thank you for your love and support. May you always experience the joy that comes from putting Christ at the centre of your lives.”

Shortly after his official retirement, all previous tweets from the Pope were deleted and the account name was changed to “Sede Vacant” meaning seat vacant. It will then be up to the new Pope to decide if they want to continue using the medium of social media to connect with the world.

Pope Benedict XVI was a fan of social media to some extent. In addition to having created a Twitter account in December 2012, the Vatican also has a YouTube channel that was set up in 2009.

It has also been previously documented that the Vatican have asked priests around the globe to begin using social media methods, such as blogs and Twitter, to reach and communicate to those who are faithful in a modern context.

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