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Trust Rank – what is this term that has emerged in the SEO community?

It is, in reality a different form of measurement to page rank, one that some people have turned into a specific score out of ten. Interestingly Google have not, so we have not.

What Digital State Consulting mean by this is general perception. How does Google perceive your site? Are you following SEO best practice (Ethical SEO)? Do you have human edited in–bound links? Is your site essentially sound and informative or is it a website full of cheap ads and redirects?

Remember Google and other search engines do not exist for you to necessarily make money from – they exist to return a good quality set and spread of returns to the end user increasing the user experience!

Contact Details

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that companies must provide contact details on their websites such as a telephone number and or a web form. This move is largely due to a desire to increase public protection and prevent fraud. A postal and or at least an email address gives the public a point of contact and the ability, which we would always recommend if giving very personal information, or spending large sums of money on the internet, of contacting Companies House and verifying information. Visit for more information.

Hosting Location

This is a particularly significant thing that many fail to pick up on. Digital State, SEO agency in Cheshire have conducted research on this and it is crucial that in our opinion, web site owners need to know where their site is being hosted.

Many clients, when starting a search marketing project assume that because they seem to have called a hosting company based in the UK, that their site will be hosted in the UK, but this is not always the case. In many instances, sites end up hosted in Berlin, Madrid or even in Canada or the USA. We recommend that clients host their websites in the country that they wish to rank in. Digital State would also recommend that if hosting can not be moved for some reason, then clients or their web developers look at Google’s article on how to take the best advantage of geographically local web hosting.