Domain age & history

Domain age & history – it is crucial to consider this when looking to achieve rankings for your website, there are certain search terms that are so competitive that sites do need to have been on the net for some time to achieve good rankings. Naturally though the sooner a project can be started the quicker the site will gain a good page rank, be time served and thus positioned.

The history of the URL is also important – if the site has been blacklisted or has been penalised in some way for bad practice it is critical to know this prior to commencing a project.

Out-Links Quality

As mentioned in previous articles, outbound links and engaging in a positive link community is vital to the success of an SEO project. A good quality search marketing company will be able to give advice upon this.

Usage Statistics (Toolbar/Analytics) – This is a crucial area of search marketing. Some years ago Google bought the firm Urchin and now provides a free Analytics platform that feeds back to the site owner’s details on their hits, bounce rates, traffic profile and a plethora of other search marketing information.

What is crucial is to set this up correctly, so that valuable and meaningful search marketing information is received that can be acted upon.

It is the use of this information that is crucial not merely the collection of it. Many people have asked which stats and tracking package is best in recent years, the answer that we have and do give is the same – if you are looking to position your business on the Google Search Engine, use a Google product.