Google Penalties

Google Penalties can be a very serious business and one that can destroy a site.

Google has been very open regarding the fact they will penalise companies that violate their quality guidelines and any Seo Company worth its salt will try to ensure guidelines are adhered to.

Although you may try to stick to Google’s quality guidelines it can be easy to fall foul of them as Doc Sheldon discovered on his website

His entire site was given a penalty by Google due to Google claiming there were unnatural links on the site. However, Google didn’t expand on this until a perplexed Dr Sheldon wrote an open letter to Google.

It appeared Google had taken offence to two links on the whole of his site. This move by Google has been described as worrying by some commentators.

Luckily for Dr Sheldon the penalty was removed after 5 days but perhaps others will not be as lucky. There have been many high profile cases of google targeting link builders and even closing sites but some feel that these latest penalties were a step too far.

If you receive a penalty from Google it can have a massive impact on your company. It is likely that the majority of traffic your website receives is from Google so receiving a penalty will ultimately disrupt this flow of traffic.

This will undo all your hard work or that of an SEO company you may have used. Digital State Consulting would always advise you to have an online presence on sites such as Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn but even with a presence in these areas your traffic will be severely limited if you receive a penalty.

Penalties may involve Google removing a high ranking page from page one of the search rankings results.

As a business you are likely to notice that traffic volumes drop significantly, a decrease in your page rank and that keywords no longer rank as highly, or even at all.

This is why it is so important to ensure your search marketing campaigns are conducted in the correct manner by a recognised seo agency.