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AdWords is an incredibly powerful tool in helping develop your online presence. Whether you’re launching a brand new website or have a successful website already ranking high in the SERPS,  Google AdWords is available and is useful to all. Google are constantly developing its programme and no wonder when you see what revenues it brings them.

The good news is that the vast majority of these tools are in fact beneficial and should be considered if actively using AdWords. As a Google Partner Manchester, one of the tools we’d like to discuss is the use of remarketing.

Remarketing is a tool which allows advertisers to reach people who have previously accessed their website.

If for example a user leaves the site without making a purchase or some other form of conversion, you can specifically target these people alone and show them a different ad – perhaps an ad showing an offer to help entice them to come back and make a purchase.

You could also reach out to those that did convert with an upsell or other promotion. There are various reasons to use remarketing and it’s best to think about the business goals before proceeding.

If we explain in brief how it works. To begin, a specific snippet of coding as provided within your AdWords account/audience area needs to be added to all pages of the website. This snippet of coding tracks users and provides information to AdWords. This information is used to create various ‘lists’.

These ‘lists’ of users can be dictated by you. For example, you may want to collate all those people who accessed the shopping basket page but did not then complete their purchase, or you may want to collate all those that accessed a particular sub category of your site.

After this coding has been placed on the site and your ‘lists’ are being filled, you can then create a PPC campaign specific for remarketing and monitor your return on ad spend, known as ROAS.

As a Google Partner in Cheshire, we would recommend having a separate campaign to focus on remarketing to allow for easier and better consumer and spend data tracking.

There is in fact four forms of remarketing, the most widely used is perhaps the basic remarketing for the display network, where you specific ads are shown to your lists whilst they browse the web.

You can also use remarketing like a standard ad where you advert is shown as your other adverts would among the SERPs pages.

The most in depth and technical form is the use of dynamic remarketing for those whom sell products via the merchant centre. Finally, AdWords sections off mobile apps and has a specific remarketing system for reaching out to users who have accessed certain sections of your app. Often this can be filtered by demographics and or socioeconomic groups.

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