Google Partner

Sony personal computers are now available with Google’s Chrome internet browser following a deal struck between the two technology giants this summer. Sony has an increasing share of the market, going in direct competition with the like of Toshiba, Dell, Compaq and Packard Bell.

This is a bold move by the retail giant, as Google Chrome is a completely new and untested browser in the market. A safer option would have been to install Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as the default browser, who are all experienced and know the market well. Ethical search marketing will also be affected; as Google continues its campaign for market dominance.

This is the first such deal that Google has signed with a PC maker. This deal will also have interesting impacts on the search marketing industry, especially as Google is the primary search engine used all over the globe.

A search marketing company will see the introduction of Google Chrome as very interesting, and could mean that, in the future, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox could have significant competition.

Google said it plans to tie up further deals as it looks to promote the browser it launched last year. This is expected by the online giant, who will further try to promote search marketing designed for its’ search engine, and now for the newly launched browser.

Chrome lags well behind Microsoft’s market-leading Internet Explorer and Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox browsers in market share. Internet Explorer is used by more than two-thirds of all internet users, while Chrome is used by less than 3%, according to web firm Net Applications.

This is as well expected though; as Google Chrome was only released earlier in the year and so significant market share is not expected so soon. In time though, Google, with use of its analytics tool, will strive to take the market by the scruff of the neck and use search marketing and other internet marketing methods to try and promote Chrome.

“User response to Google Chrome has been outstanding, and we’re continuing to explore ways to make Chrome accessible to even more people,” Google said.

Some Sony PCs are already running Chrome as a result of the deal. Ethical digital marketing should not be ignored also; as online retail is a huge growth sector, with search marketing companies desperate to have as many clients on their books as possible.